Thursday, December 29, 2011

No Meal Plan!!!

So…I did a bad thing this week and didn’t make a menu plan. To tell the truth, menu planning isn’t the highlight of my week. On the other hand, it does make the week go more smoothly. Why didn’t I make a menu plan this week? Because I was busy cooking like CRAZY on Christmas. I did not take time to plan out the rest of the week. Plus, I didn’t know how long the leftover turkey would last (Wednesday night was it), so I decided to play it by ear. Not too bad for dinner but very bad for breakfast.

My boys wake up and I think the fourth word out of Philip’s mouth after “potty,” “Cars,” and “train” was “hungwy.” Did I have any ideas what to make? Not really. My husband was working online, but he suggested hash browns. In our house, he does the hash browns, not me. So, while he finished up a few things I gave the boys a Cutie and half a Z-Bar. They STILL weren’t satisfied, so I gave them oatmeal with applesauce and raisins. In the end, Philip never ate the hash browns, but he ate the two little smokies and Grant ate the hash browns and 2 little smokies. Seriously! In the morning, you would think I never feed my children!

Back to menu planning…kinda important for my sanity, therefore, here’s what the rest of my week looks like.


Breakfast-hash browns, little smokies, eggs (for those able)

Lunch-Almond Butter and Jelly on Rice Cakes, veggies, cuties

Dinner-Mom Soup (recipe tomorrow)


Breakfast- Applesauce bread


Dinner-Hot Dogs or Chicken Sausage Nachos


Breakfast-Oatmeal with fixin’s and toast (maybe…unless Uncle makes something)

Lunch-Chicken breast (with WT seasoning) and salad

Dinner-Snacks at get together

Sunday (Happy New Year!):

Breakfast-Oatmeal with fixin’s and toast (because, most likely, Uncle will cook one day)

Lunch-Spanish Rice with Tortilla Chips

Dinner-Roasted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Veggies

Yeah!!! I feel a great weight lifted of my shoulders. *sigh of relief*

What do you all have planned for the rest of the week?

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