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My name is Lorie.  I am very blessed to be the wife of Matt and the mommy to two (for now) little towheads, Lightening and Leo.  We live in North Idaho, for the time being, although we hope to have a house in each area of the US so we can spend a season in each area.  Our family is based on following what the Lord wants us to do with our life and time, although it can be a challenge, at times, to remember that fact.  We are working hard on raising our children to understand God’s Word and what it really says, commands of us, and teaches!

A little about my family.

My husband, Matt, is the sane one and backbone of our family.  He tends to tone down my flighty personality, look at details and be a bit more realistic than I.  My husband works from home and does his business online.  He is an amazing photographer and is always working on learning something new.  He is a great father and loves to go on trips with the boys and me.  I usually like to refer him as “my hubby” and I love him tremendously.

My little boys are totally different personalities. 

1. Lightening is a spitfire, loves people and is always on the go.  He has to have people interact with him…all the time.  He is a bit like me with a bright, cheerful personality.  He is very adaptable and always ready for an adventure.  If you see him in the store and smile, he will “rawr” at you.  If you react to that, he will continue with more gusto. 

2. Leo is a sweet, lovey boy.  He likes to cuddle and, if his brother is gone or asleep, he will play quietly on his own for hours.  Don’t get me wrong, his brother rubs off on him and he has tons of energy as well.  He has a little “Curly” dance (from the Three Stooges) that is hilarious!  If you see him in the store and smile and say “hi,” he will close his eyes and turn away. When he thinks it’s safe, he will open his eyes and say “hi,” if you are gone.

The only other person in my immediate family is me.  I am 34 years old (will be 35 soon), and a stay at home mom to my two boys.

Before I had children, I finished college and earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Idaho.  I worked in the human services field with children who had a diagnosed mental illness.  Almost a year after my second son was born, I started working with children who had developmental disabilities.  I realized after a summer working that I wanted to be back home with my kiddos and finally stopped working outside the home on a regular basis.

My days are now filled with boys who are constantly rough housing, eating, and wanting to be on mommy’s lap.  I seem to be constantly taking them somewhere because they have so much energy (more than me), and I need them to get it out.  My boys are awesome shoppers (food or otherwise), and they always seem to make other people smile no matter where we go.  I am constantly hearing the words “cars,” “train,” “diesel 10,” etc.  I can’t help but smile when I write that on here.  My boys are my life and I am so glad we have been able to stay home with them and be the main influence on their life.  Along the way, I want to be able to share the stories and things I learn with other moms because I think moms sharing life and experiences is so important.   Our job is the most important we will ever have!  When we share, it helps us all to feel a little better as well as lift us up when we least expect it.  I hope I can be a positive light in other women’s lives.

Final small bits about me:
*I love reading…especially Christian Fiction.  Some of my favorite writers are Karen Kingsbury, Tamera Alexander and Kim Vogel Sawyer.
*I need to be accountable to others to build a lasting habit.
*I really love keeping a gratitude list that I add to every day.
*I need to find a good way to keep up with a daily Bible study.
*I like country music, classical music, and talk radio.
*I’m learning that I like learning things from audio books or MP3’s rather than reading.
*I love baking, but I don’t really like cooking.
*I’m a Type I according to Carol Tuttle’s works.
*I have a hard time finishing craft projects.
*I really like socializing and being with other people and get togethers.
*I can play the flute, piccolo, and saxophone.
*I would love to learn how to play every instrument.
*I have an incurable sweet tooth
*I love dark chocolate…like 85% cocoa.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Fun things to learn, wish we'd stayed in CDA longer, we have a lot in common! Love your blog :) -Jennie Z


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