Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Stockings and Memories Part 1

My husband advised me to write a Christmas post on my love for Christmas stockings. Needless to say, I thought it was kind of silly. In the end, though, I thought, why not? It would be fun and a fitting tribute to my mother.

Christmas Stockings

I love stuffing stockings! Even before I had kiddos, I had the most fun doing the stockings each year. They always look so festive hanging on the fireplace, and it’s so homey. I don’t know if maybe my “ideal” of stockings is more than the actual, but every year, I get in the spirit when I think of stockings.

For kids, stockings are a gift that last longer than tearing the wrap off a big gift. You get to go through this long stocking and get a few tiny gifts while sifting through to the orange in the toe. Yes, we got an orange, too. If I remember right, a few years we also got an apple along with an orange. On top of that, you get candy and what kid doesn’t love candy. You can get your kids stocking stuffers for little money and they love them! Little eyes light up at each little thing you get and exclamations of surprise.

For adults, many find them useless. In my family, they have to deal with them. They know, by now, after much urging from the men, I am to get them “useful” things. So, every year they get something I know will be used. I buy a few pieces of candy, such as Chocolate Covered Santas (significance in this post) and truffles. After that I buy things such as trail mix, hand lotion, carmex, nuts, and sometimes gloves or clothing. No oranges in the adult stockings.

This year, though, I read a few blogs that had the most AMAZING ideas for stockings. I will be implementing these in the future when my boys get too excited to sleep long enough on Christmas morning.

  1. Put the clue to begin a scavenger hunt for a present in the stocking
  2. Put breakfast in the stocking

Great ideas, don’t you think?

Christmas Memory

One of my best Christmas memories was from 1996, I believe. There was actually snow in Kansas that year for Christmas. I remember out driveway had ice on it from where my parents had driven into and out of it many times.

I had received two of those enormous hair clips because my hair was so thick. I put my hair up and my sister and I raced outside to use the tire tracks as our skating rink. We were pretending to be Michelle Kwan and skated and twirled in the driveway a good amount of the day. I don’t know HOW many times we fell, but we loved every minute of it. I think that is one of my clearest, and best, Christmas memories.

***Check in tomorrow for Christmas Stockings and Memories Part 2 where I write about some of the best presents I received from my Christmas stockings as well as another Christmas Memory***

Leave me a comment with your favorite Christmas memory!


Kasey said...

Oh, I love both ideas...leaving a clue for a scavenger hunt or leaving breakfast in the stocking!! I need to give those some thought!

My favorite Christmas memories are my parents who always got sooo excited. They LOVED Christmas and still do, passing that on to my own children!!!

Lorie said...

Thank you for commenting on my post, Kasey. I like the ideas as well, but I will have to wait another year or so as my little guys are still too little.
I love you wrote about your parents. I feel the same way about my mom. I get as giddy as she did when I was growing up!


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