Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autumn is Here

I can feel it in the air.  Autumn is here.  I hope it stays a little longer than it normally does here in the northwest.  It hit me a few days ago as I walked with my two little boys that the crisp breeze and smell in the air was refreshing and wonderful.  Usually when the cold weather starts here in Idaho, I get a little depressed because winter sets in very quickly.  It’s not long between summer and winter.  Today, though, I caught it, that feeling of autumn.

Feeling autumn has a lot of advantages.  First of all, it tells me that I need to get outside with my little guys more before we are stuck inside by bad weather.  So, I am planning on trying to take them for a walk every day, and, hopefully, one of our friends or daddy can join us sometimes.  Secondly, it let’s me ease into the holidays a bit better.  Without feeling autumn, I feel rushed and don’t realize we are already at the season where I need to think about parties, family get togethers, baking, and presents.  Things seem to sneak up on me.  Finally, I can savor the smell of the season and the beautiful colors that are all around.  The leaves turning color and falling from the trees, dew on the grass, and harvest deals (apples on sale, corn on the cob, etc.) and decorations everywhere.

I saw a post on Dave Ramsey’s website where people listed traditions.  It got me thinking about what kind of traditions I would like to start with my family that were relatively cheap and easy to take little ones too.  No Oktoberfest here, anymore!  A few that I saw and liked were talking about going to an apple orchard or raking leaves and jumping in them, which reminded me of autumn as a kid.  There is only one that I know we will be able to do, which is carving a pumpkin.  I’m not really into Halloween or taking my kids out, but I think my almost 2 year old would love getting messy with a pumpkin with his dad.  Additionally, I may look at baking a few “autumn” type things such as apple crisp, apple pie or pumpkin bread.  I also look forward to trying to roast those pumpkin seeds my husband and son take out of that pumpkin they are going to carve.

So…I need ideas.  What kind of autumn traditions do you have in your family?

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