Saturday, November 17, 2012

Back to it!

Hello Readers!

I know I have been VERY remiss in writing on my blog. VERY probably isn't even good enough for saying how bad I have been with this blog in the last 9 months.  Think about that a moment...9 months.  You got it!  I have been pregnant...and I still am for that matter.

Anywho...I found out I was pregnant in early March and my due date was around November 9th.

I found out at 20+ weeks that I was having a girl.

Summer finally came to North Idaho.  If you MUST know, you DO NOT ignore summer in my part of the country because it doesn't stay long.  Most of the summer we did the normal stuff went to the beach, played at the park A LOT, went to friends houses and rode bikes.  My husband and I both got new bikes, so we were very excited to use them.  Summer and the fall here were fantastic!  Usually fall (September and October) can get nasty, but they were beautiful until about the last week of October.  I cannot complain (too much) about how much time and sun we got this summer.

We started a few new things this fall.  My oldest, Lightening, is going doing some preschool homeschool stuff.  I have found so many wonderful printables online for his schooling.  I am so surprised at how much he already knows.  He loves to "do school" and he is amazing at mazes.  Regular mazes for his age level are way too easy, but I am looking for something harder but not too advanced.  Having a little trouble with that, at the moment.  I will start adding some homeschool stuff to my blog.  It will probably include links to printables as well as try my hand at a few printables for others to use.  They will probably be geared toward when I see missing in my travels on the internet for printables.  My biggest problem with homeschooling is keeping, Leo, my 2 1/2 year old happy while I am working with his brother.  Any ideas you would like to leave in contacts or email would be great!

Additionally, it is now November 17th and I am still pregnant.  Yep, I am a bit overdue.  I'm rather tired of the wait/weight, but I will endure.  I am very excited to meet my little girl.  I hope to keep my current schedule of getting up early so I can keep going with this blog and give out as much information as I can about things I am interested in and I know others are as well such as kiddos, homeschooling, menu planning, etc.

I hear one of my children needs me, so I will be back to blog in the near future!

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