Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

The time of year has changed, and it is finally starting to hit me.  Additionally, this time of year, we have to spend more time indoors due to rain and eventually snow.  I am not really ready for the snow, yet, but I want to do something to change how my house looks.  That means decorating!  The thing about decorating means that you usually need a budget for it, and I don’t have one.  So, I am going to try some new crafts with things I have around the house and are fairly inexpensive or we can give to people or consume ourselves.
These are ones I have thought up.  I will try them, take pictures and give evaluations on which ones went well and still looked great.  This should give my crafty mind a great workout!

Turkey and Leaf Garland: A few days ago, I got a real urge to decorate and thought of making turkeys and leaves out of construction paper, hanging them on some yarn and hang them around the house.  I hope to get my oldest child (2) involved by tracing his hand for a few turkeys.  We will see what happens.

“I am thankful for…” Chain: I sometimes feel a bit sad that we don’t have a tradition of people writing or saying at Thanksgiving what they are thankful for during Thanksgiving dinner.  Usually, it turns to politics, which everyone in the family is really into following.  So, I decided that my husband I would write out on a slip of paper, each day in November until Thanksgiving, what we are thankful for and add it to those circle paper chains like we made in grade school.

Rice Krispy Treat Modeling: I admit that I got this idea from a commercial I saw on TV, last night.  I am going to make Rice Krispy Treats and try to model them into different thanksgiving or fall objects such as a turkey, pumpkin, leaf, etc.  Maybe my 2 year old will help, but he will most likely just want to eat it like he did making cake balls.

Turkey Place Cards: I’m going to have my son “help” by tracing his hand for a turkey and we will cut them out, decorate a face on and put someone’s name.  We can use a few different colors for the turkey’s feathers by staggering the colors and doing a cut out of hands in a few different colors.

Turkey and Leaf Wreath:  I’m thinking of making a wreath for the front door that is same as the garland above but using a paper plate for the circle.

I’m not sure I will have time for all of these because my oldest son’s second birthday is this month and I have a 5 month old as well.  I definitely want to do the first two or three.  My time seems a bit limited, but others can get ideas from these!

As my kids get older, it will be fun to have them understand what Thanksgiving means and have more meaningful crafts that will involve them and make them traditional.  I want them to learn how to reflect on the day and understand what it really means…Thanking God for the blessings he has bestowed upon us.

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